GP Coupari's Tennessee Ernie Fold

 GC Coupari's Tina Turn'ear & GC Coupari's Chubby Check'ear

 CH,GP Coupari's Harvey Wallbang'ear

 GC Coupari's Toad The Wet Sprocket

 GC,NW Coupari's Renee Zellweg'ear

 GC Coupari Carrie Und-Ear-Wood

 GC Coupari Julie Inkst'ear

 GC, BW, RW Coupari Paula Cream'ear

GC Coupari Dottie Pepp'ear

GC Kaloofa Koala Blue of Coupari(British Shorthair)


GC Coupari Phantom of the Op'ear'a 



 GC,GP Coupari Chubby Check'ear






  GC,RW Coupari Danica Patrick






       GC,RW Coupari Naughty Ball'ear'ina

GC Coupari Elektra




GP Coupari Donegal Tweed

owned and shown by Peter & Marjorie Hilchie. 


CH Gilly Masqu'ear'ade of Coupari


 GC Coupari Celtic Thund'ear aka "Keith"


CH, RW Amber Snow Cordon Bleu of Coupari-(Blue & White British Shorhair Female)


 GC,NW,BW Coupari Nermal

GC Coupari Bluettius Maximus 

 GP, RW Coupari Lacy Ling'ear'ie of Snotoz

Owned and beautifully shown by Melissa Darling!



GP,RW Coupari Prince Harry of Snotoz 

Owned and shown by Melissa Darling

(He is affectionately known as the "Harry Monster")