News From The Nursery

Updated Sept. 15, 2013 Email us for more information & prices.


*I reserve the right to refuse the sale of a cat or kitten, to any individual who I feel will NOT provide the best home or environment for one of my babies.* 

*** Kittens are available at  11 to 16 weeks old. Pictures of available kittens will be posted when they are of age.***



Note: I do not sell cats or kittens for show, unless I know you personally, or you have shown in CFA or TICA for several years!



Kittens available below are "Pets Only"...


Brown Patched Classic Tabby Van Female born March 31, 2013 Brown Patched McTabby Van Female born March 31, 2013. *Pictures coming soon. For prices and availability please email me at or call 615-491-5899. **See Below** SOLD!


2 Female kittens available as Pets only. Born Mar. 31, 2013. SOLD!