Hello, my name is Melody Mathis.  My love for cats began when I was very young.  I ordered a subscription to Cat Fancy Magazine in 1970.  I loved to read about the different breeds of cats that were featured, and look at the beautiful pictures.  I also received Cats Magazine.  I read the issues of both magazines over and over.  I bought every book that I could about cats.

I saw my first Scottish Fold at a cat show in the early 1980's.  I was taken...hook, line and sinker!  There was something special about these cats with cute faces, tiny ears and big, round eyes.  They were just adorable!  I told myself, one day I would have one of those kitties.

I got my first pet fold in 1990.  By 1999, I purchased two show quality folds and began my breeding program.  My life changed then and there!  I wanted to produce the most sound, healthy and sweet Scottish Folds that I could produce.  It was a great challenge for me.

I exclusively show Scottish Folds in The Cat Fanciers Association (CFA).  I've had numerous Regional, National and Breed winning Scottish Folds.  I am a member of the CFA Scottish Fold Breed Council and serve as the Southern Region Director of the International Scottish Fold Association (ISFA). 

Scottish Fold cats are my passion!  Living with these unique creatures makes every day a real pleasure for me.